Home is Where the Heart is, Margaret Bance

Margaret was born in New Zealand. With her heritage spanning across continents - her mother born in England and father in New Zealand - Margaret’s upbringing was a wonderful blend of cultures.

As the youngest of seven siblings, Margaret grew up surrounded by family and friendship.

Remembering her school days, Margaret said, “It was far away, so I used to meet my friends each day to walk to school. It was always fun, I often stopped and picked at the gardens”.

Margaret grew up and travelled alone to Australia, looking for exciting opportunities and a new beginning. Margaret’s nurturing spirit led her to a career as an Assistant in Nursing.

Margaret also met and married her soulmate, Barry, and together they built a beautiful life together. “I’ve been married to the love of my life for ears and ears,” said Margaret with love - and a hint of humour. They are proud parents to two sons, Matthew and Barry Jnr, affectionately known as Mr. Matthew and Basil Bush.

Their home was a happy place full of family gatherings and celebrations. But it was Christmas that held a special place in Margaret’s heart. “It’s a time for eating food and thanking the Lord for everything we have,” said Margaret humbly.

Margaret also loves to play the piano. “The sound is beautiful,” she said. “I used to spend lots of time around the piano with my family, and I have lots of happy memories”.

Since November 2020, Margaret and Barry have been proud residents of SummitCare Wallsend. Margaret has a love for colour therapy and all things crafty, as well as bringing joy to those around her.

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