Jacque Morrell - Assistant in Nursing (AIN) at SummitCare Penrith

Jacque Morrell

Assistant In Nursing (AIN) at SummitCare Penrith

In the heart of our Penrith facility, Jacque Morrell stands as a beacon of dedication, having served as an AIN for the past 14 years. Her commitment to the residents and her unwavering passion for her role are the driving forces behind her remarkable journey with the company.

Jacque’s story begins with a background in special needs childcare, a role she found fulfilling but yearned for something more substantial as her own children grew older. In pursuit of a more impactful career, she joined our company, driven by the desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those she cares for.

“When I started, I felt a calling to do more than just transferring kids to school. I needed to contribute to something more substantial as my kids got older,” Jacque explains, highlighting the profound shift in her career path.

In her role as an AIN, Jacque discovered her passion for caring for dementia patients. She describes the work as challenging yet profoundly interesting. “You’ve got to find triggers that they have, little things they like. But just generally working with the dementia patients, I like that,” she shares, emphasising the importance of understanding and catering to each resident’s unique needs.

Jacque sees her role as crucial in contributing to the company’s overarching mission – ensuring that residents are cared for at the highest standard. “Taking care of the residents to the 100% standard that they should be looked after,” she affirms, underscoring the dedication she brings to her daily tasks.

In the world of dementia care, challenges are inevitable. Jacque recounts instances where she had to intervene in challenging behaviours to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all residents. “You’ve got to put yourself in there and try and sort the situation out,” she states, portraying the courage and resilience required in her line of work.

One aspect that makes Jacque’s journey even more fulfilling is the camaraderie within her team. “They’re a fun lot to work with. They have good work ethics,” she notes, highlighting the perfect blend of hard work and enjoyable moments shared with her colleagues.

Reflecting on her career, Jacque acknowledges the influence of her mentors and the positive workplace environment. “It’s really good. I like it. We enjoy the fun here, and the management is great,” she remarks, expressing gratitude for the support that has shaped her professional journey.

When asked about essential qualities for success in her role, Jacque emphasises patience, dedication, empathy, and good work ethics. Her advice for the youth entering the workforce is simple yet profound: “Work smart and hard. Be more organised in the job. Have a plan before you go in to do these residents. Do a plan for yourself mentally and just generally be kind.”

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