Mary Tamayo - Admin Assistant at SummitCare Waverly


Administration Assistant at SummitCare Waverley

Mary Tamayo, the cheerful Administration Assistant, stands as a crucial pillar of support for both residents and their families. With almost a year of service under her belt, Mary’s journey with SummitCare began with an inspiring nudge from her sister-in-law, a long-time employee with glowing reviews of the company.

Mary’s motivation stems from her deep connection with the residents and their families. “What keeps me motivated to work here is getting to know the residents and their families,” she shares. Her enthusiasm for building relationships and fostering a welcoming environment is evident in her day-to-day interactions.

A recent project showcased Mary’s organisational prowess. Collaborating with her co-worker Nikki, she took on the challenge of revamping the Archive room, where crucial files are stored. “We were able to create our own system to keep them organised and have a better system for future paperwork,” Mary proudly recounts. The project not only streamlined operations but also reflected Mary’s commitment to enhancing the efficiency of the workplace.

Mary sees her role as integral to SummitCare’s mission. “My role helps make visitors and families feel welcome and comfortable,” she affirms. Beyond paperwork and logistics, Mary’s warm demeanour plays a significant role in creating a positive atmosphere within the facility.

Despite the challenges of manning the bustling front desk, Mary excels at multitasking and tackling various tasks simultaneously. Her ability to navigate these busy waters showcases her resilience and dedication to her role.

Acknowledging the support she’s received, Mary points to mentors Sonja from Randwick and Jessica from Accounts Receivable. “They are very kind and always willing to help when I have a question or need help with a task,” she says gratefully. Their guidance has played a pivotal role in Mary’s professional development.

Reflecting on a meaningful moment during her time at SummitCare, Mary recalls a surprise birthday celebration orchestrated by the management team. “It was very thoughtful of them to do that for me,” she says, underscoring the familial atmosphere that permeates the workplace.

To succeed in her role, Mary emphasises the importance of patience and adept multitasking. Her resilience and commitment to creating a welcoming environment have made her an indispensable asset to SummitCare Waverley.

Looking to the future, Mary envisions a more streamlined and knowledgeable team, fostering a clearer system and workflow. “I see the future of my department evolving by having a more clear system, flow, and knowledge between me and my team,” she states. Her commitment to growth, openness to learning and receptiveness to feedback highlight Mary’s dedication to contributing to SummitCare’s continuous evolution.

Mary Tamayo emerges not just as an Administration Assistant but as a beacon of order, warmth and commitment. Her journey is a testament to the pivotal role each team member plays in shaping the company’s narrative and creating a home for both residents and their families.

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