Meet Amarliya McRae - Admin Assistant at SummitCare Wallsend

In the heart of Summitcare Wallsend, where the warm embrace of care meets the first point of contact, you’ll find Amarliya McRae, our Administration Assistant who has been making a profound impact on both residents and their families. Her journey at Summitcare Wallsend has been nothing short of inspirational, as she navigate the challenges of bridging the gap between youth and elderly, ultimately becoming an indispensable member of the SummitCare family.

Amarliya is the friendly face that greets everyone who enters the home. “I feel lucky to be able to make a positive difference not only in the residents’ day but in their overall quality of life,” she states. As a receptionist, she understands the profound impact that the entire team has on residents and their families. Her role is more than administrative; it’s about creating an environment where families and residents always have a welcoming presence and constant assistance, particularly during what can be a difficult and emotional period in their lives. Her dedication aligns perfectly with SummitCare’s mission and goals, as she contributes to the sense of belonging and comfort that defines the SummitCare experience.

Joining SummitCare at the age of seventeen presented an initial challenge. The transition from a youthful perspective to the world of aged care proved to be a significant adjustment. “ Having not been exposed to that side of life before, it was challenging at first for me to adapt.” However, this challenge became a stepping stone for her personal and professional growth. It expanded her education and life skills in countless ways.

Amarliya finds immense joy in working alongside her team and colleagues. She appreciates the diverse responsibilities each member brings to the table, recognising how they all contribute to creating a family of love, support, and guidance for residents. In her eyes, every team member is a mentor and role model, shaping her career aspirations.

When asked about a memorable moment at SummitCare Wallsend, her answer is profoundly touching. “Every interaction or relationship created between myself and the residents will always be the most memorable moments for me,” she shares. Her experiences have taught her that even a brief 30-second interaction can impart invaluable life lessons and foster empathy for those in various life situations.

In Amarliya’s view, kindness and empathy are essential qualities for success in her role. It’s about understanding and caring for the unique needs of each resident, and these qualities are the bedrock of compassionate care. Effective communication is equally important, as it ensures that residents’ needs are conveyed efficiently and families feel supported during their journey.

Looking ahead, Amarliya hopes to continue learning and building relationships, both with residents and her team, as she plays a vital role in maintaining SummitCare’s commitment to excellence.

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