Meet Thira Sodachan - L&L Team Leader at SummitCare Liverpool

Introducing Thira Sodachan, the dedicated Leisure & Lifestyle Team Leader at SummitCare Liverpool, who has served as a vibrant force for the past three years, devoted to enriching the lives of our residents and cultivating a strong sense of community. Thira plays a pivotal role in shaping the social and emotional dimensions of our residents’ lives.  With a genuine smile, she shares, “I find great fulfillment in working with the elderly and love bringing smiles to their faces.” Her passion for her work shines through her every word and action.

Thira’s journey with SummitCare Liverpool began with a simple yet profound inspiration - the desire to positively impact the lives of seniors. “There is a strong sense of community and support at SummitCare Liverpool,” she notes. It’s this sense of belonging and the opportunity to create meaningful connections that continue to fuel her motivation to work here. She explains, “My role as a Leisure & Lifestyle Team Leader is to develop and oversee a program that reflects the residents’ preferences. It enables individuals to maximise their abilities while respecting their physical, social, cultural, and religious backgrounds.”

Thira’s dedication to creating an environment that honours the uniqueness of each resident is central to the company’s mission and goals.

Reflecting on her early days at SummitCare Liverpool, Thira recalls the challenges she faced. “On busy days, it could be overwhelming to serve so many residents,” she admits. However, through training and practice, her role became more manageable and effective. “Being organised and understanding each resident’s personalised care plan was key to helping to overcome these challenges,” Thira adds.

Thira thrives in her role, not just because of her love for the elderly but also due to the strong sense of teamwork at SummitCare Liverpool. “I learn so much when I work with colleagues with different skills and experiences,” she shares. Achieving goals together with her team is a source of immense satisfaction for Thira, who values the camaraderie that exists among her colleagues.

Thira attributes her growth and success to her mentors and role models within the company, including the General Manager, Pavan, and the (LLT) Aida, Niles, Rozina, and Janifer. She admires their strong leadership and advocacy skills built on trust and respect, which have shaped her ability to communicate effectively and recommend positive changes.

One of the most cherished moments in Thira’s career at SummitCare Liverpool was the staff Christmas boat trip on Sydney Harbour, which she organised. “I was thrilled to see everybody enjoying themselves,” she recalls. Such moments of togetherness reinforce the sense of community she works so hard to foster.

For Thira, success in her role hinges on leadership and management skills, the ability to encourage residents to participate in activities, a proactive nature, and common sense. She believes in fixing problems before they happen, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for the residents.

As Thira looks ahead, she envisions the Lifestyle Team at SummitCare Liverpool growing and evolving. Her goal is to refine processes and improve training to ensure that everyone continues to receive outstanding care.

Her role at SummitCare Liverpool is not just a job; it’s a calling to create moments of happiness and togetherness for those who need it most.

With Thira at the helm, the future looks bright for SummitCare Liverpool’s Lifestyle Team.

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