Remembering her Homeland, Kereleani Morrel

A tale of love and sacrifice that transcends oceans. Born in the warmth of the Fiji islands, Kereleani’s journey led her to Australia in 2007 where the reunion with her six children unfolded against the backdrop of overwhelming lifestyle changes.

Navigating through this new chapter, Kereleani found solace in church and personal circles, yet the echoes of Fiji’s friendliness lingered. Fijian culture, with its vibrant rugby matches, spirited dancing, and cherished music, became a nostalgic tune in her heart.

“I miss my country,” she confessed, eyes filled with memories. Despite the distance, Kereleani’s passion for singing and love for music remained steadfast, connecting her to both worlds.

As a child, rugby was her joy, but the move to Australia meant bidding farewell to the sport. Taro, a Fijian delight, became a taste of home, and dreams of visiting France, where her children resided, fueled her wanderlust.

Her proudest moment? “My life,” she declared, appreciating the gift of existence and finding glee in every moment. With two younger siblings, Kereleani’s family ties remained unbroken.

Christmas and New Year became pinnacles throughout her life, celebrated with family, showcasing Kereleani’s resilience and ability to find joy through love and togetherness.

In the tapestry of Kereleani’s life, each thread tells a story of love, resilience, and the pursuit of a life well-lived, weaving together the melodies of her Fijian roots and the harmonies of her Australian journey.

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