Robert Cayzer - Liverpool Resident

Robert Cayzer, a Liverpool resident whose life has been shaped by his early experiences. From the dairy farm in south Gippsland to the present, his life is a testament to resilience, love, and commitment to family values.

Early life

In Robert’s family, they were known for their dairy farming legacy, which brought them success and pride. Selling farm products in the countryside marked some of their proudest moments, solidifying their professional reputation.

As a child, he laughs remembering milking cows before and after school, with the motivation to finish milking 8 cows in an hour to avoid the challenge of dealing with the “bad cows” the next day.

However, life wasn’t without challenges for the Cayzer family. Maintaining good health was a challenge, particularly as Robert’s mother faced widowhood twice, bringing grief and hardship to the family.

Despite the obstacles, the family’s resilience, and love for one another helped them through tough times. What Robert appreciates most about his family is their unwavering commitment to one another and how they have stuck together through thick and thin, supporting each other through life’s ups and downs.

Love and family

As a father and grandfather, Robert instilled valuable lessons in his children and grandchildren. He emphasised the virtues of hard work, cherishing relationships, and striving for success in all endeavours.

Reflecting on his marriage, Robert is happily married to Lorraine. The key to their successful and lasting union was their ability to get along together and being well-matched in their personalities.

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