Sandra Taylor, Manager Customer Service & Administration at SummitCare Smithfield

If you’ve ever stepped foot into SummitCare Smithfield, chances are you’ve encountered Sandra Taylor, Manager Customer Service and Administration, the heart of our administration and customer support team. With nearly 25 years of dedicated service, Sandra’s story is one of passion, resilience, and above all, love for the residents we care for.

Sandra’s journey into aged care wasn’t a typical career path. It all started back when she was studying at TAFE, and one of her teachers, who happened to work at SummitCare Canley Vale, saw something special in her. That teacher encouraged Sandra to apply for a role as an Assistant in Nursing, and the rest, as they say, is history. “I’ve always loved my job,” Sandra tells me with a warm smile. “The staff here, they’re like family, and there’s something so fulfilling about looking after our residents.”

But Sandra’s role isn’t just about paperwork and schedules. She has the special ability to juggle finances, admissions, and being the go-to person for everyone - staff, residents, families, doctors, you name it. And most importantly, Sandra’s door is always open. She’s caring, approachable, and makes sure everyone knows they’re valued, no matter who they are.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Sandra. She’s battled hip pain for years, but you’d never know it from her sunny disposition. Even on the toughest days, she’d show up to work with a smile, sometimes relying on walking aids to get around. Last year, she finally decided to go for a full hip replacement, a decision she says was life-changing. “I’m back on my feet, pain-free, and ready to keep doing what I love,” she says, and you can hear the joy in her voice.

At SummitCare Smithfield, teamwork isn’t just a buzzword - it’s how we operate. Sandra believes in a flat hierarchy where everyone’s voice is heard, and there’s no room for ego. “We’re all in this together,” she tells me, “and that sense of camaraderie extends beyond the workplace. We truly are like family.”

As we chat, Sandra fondly recalls her mentor, Helen, who was an admin at SummitCare years ago. Helen was more than just a colleague; she was a guiding light and a cherished friend. Even though Helen has passed away, Sandra carries her lessons and her spirit with her every day.

But for Sandra, the real magic happens in the moments she spends with residents. Whether it’s sharing stories, dancing, or simply being there when they need a shoulder to lean on, those connections are what make her job truly meaningful. “It’s about the people,” she says, her eyes shining with emotion. “They’ve taught me more than I could ever teach them.”

When I ask Sandra about the secret to her success, she’s quick to credit her communication skills and her willingness to learn from her mistakes. “Nobody’s perfect,” she says with a shrug, “but as long as we’re willing to ask for help and keep growing, we’ll be just fine.”

Looking ahead, Sandra sees herself right where she is, supporting her team and making a difference in the lives of residents and staff alike. “This isn’t just a job for me,” she says, her voice filled with conviction. “It’s a calling, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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